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About Us OLD

Who are you? Is there really just one answer to this question? Can you be a few things at once? A successful business (wo)man, a fearless adventurer, a groundbreaking artist, a glamourous fashionista…
Speaking of art and fashion, these are both things that can empower you, help you show the world just how unique you truly are. Own your uniqueness and don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks. Trust yourself, speak up and look absolutely gorgeous while doing it! You may be into straight-from-the-runway look or urban street casual, glam & glitter make up or minimalist & natural palette, adventure travels or extreme sports, but you always work hard, party harder, always dance to your own beat.

Share your experiences with the world fearlessly, post, tag, influence… this is what A80 Paris is all about!

High-end couture fused with the latest from the Parisian art scene? Yes, please! We know what it means to be an A80 Paris ambassador who knows what she wants and refuses to compromise. Be creative, be artistic, be fashionable, be bold, be positive, be professional, be sophisticated and be playful. Unleash your creativity on the world and always aim to be the best version of yourself possible.

We try to keep it real and that is why we have produced only one of a kind items and products that express individuality and creativity. We kept you in mind the entire time. Our entire product line is our way of creating a positively fierce point of view, it is our way of empowering you. Put your hands up in the air if you agree!

What is A80 Paris?

Good question. While we don’t like to put labels on things, A80 Paris is a cheeky, playful, self-confident, unique, direct, bullshit-free, high-end brand.
We know that not everyone is cut out of the same cloth, but not everyone is fierce, strong and incredibly in tune with their individualistic style, like you!
We believe that every person should believe in their inner star/celebrity. We are positive. And we want you to realise that you are a one-of-a-kind, a trailblazer, a rule maker, and a rule breaker. We want to empower people to see their own individual beauty by adding some cool street art and fashion to their everyday lives.

You know those trendy 1950s-style cocktail bars hidden down the cobbled backstreets of South Pigaille in Paris, serving up some of the most delicious and potent cocktails you’ll ever try? We apply this same diverse approach and vision to our designs and technology. Everything we design is with you in mind – to inspire you to bring out all your inner creativity to the surface and make your life more than amazing.

In all his years of working as a fashion designer, there’s always been one question that bothered Ylan Anoufa. “Why are all professional tools so plain?”
He then asked himself (and many others) “Who the hell decided that they had to be so boring?”
It was like a Eureka moment. Something just clicked.
“The tools must be pieces of art!” He mused.
And this how the A80 Paris tools and brand were born.
He wanted the tools to reflect individual style and to evoke inspiration. To him, the tools would soon become an integral part of the A80 Paris people’s life from their morning routine to their evening dress-up and late night party.

We do not believe in compromising when it comes to our A80 Paris products.
We want the best for you and we’re also perfectionists, both with our art and our products. This means that you can rest assured that we aim to source the very best available materials, and we guarantee that our patented tech is state of the art – we wouldn’t have it any other way!
Simply put, we work damned hard to make everything just right, so you can play even harder than we work (if that’s at all possible). All we ask of you is to embrace the A80 Paris lifestyle and have tons of fun while doing so.
Our unique high quality exclusive designs are also one-of-a-kind pieces of art – now that’s a rarity!

Born in a Parisian atelier

Our story begins at a small family-owned atelier in 1939 when Jacob Partouch Ben Anoufa and his wife Rennet Elbaz opened their first couture atelier – Maison Anoufa.

They made their dreams come true manufacturing for names such as Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, and Pierre Cardin who’d become successful global super-brands in the years to come.

Four generations later, Jacob’s great grandson, Ylan Anoufa, is writing the next page of the family’s story, leading it into the 21st century.

Growing up in his grandfather’s atelier, Ylan Anoufa naturally became a fashion designer. As a young man he followed his dream, moved to New York and started working outside the family business, designing for some of the top names in the fashion industry. Life in the Big Apple awakened his passion for art and he decided to become an artist.

He returned home to Paris in 2009 to take on his role as head of the family fashion house Maison Anoufa, leading it towards winning awards and gaining the respect of the French fashion community and becoming the protégé of the world-famous designer Mr. Kenzo Takada, who later became the official patron of Maison Anoufa.

In addition to his fashion career, Ylan continued to develop his unique say as a groundbreaking artist and his work was displayed in some of the most well known galleries across the world.