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A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd., its subsidiaries, associated companies and related companies, at all times, respect the confidentiality of and endeavor to keep safe any and all personal data in accordance with the Hong Kong SAR “Personal Data (“Personal Data”, as defined in the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap.486) of Hong Kong) collected from you and/or stored and / or transmitted by you to us. The processing of the collected customer / user’s profile, policies are as follows:


Collection of Personal Data

(a) For the purpose of carrying on A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd.’s business, you may be requested to provide your Personal Data when you register for a VIP membership, when you purchase a product or use our services at any image counters of A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd, when you conduct gift redemption requests (if any), when you submit any comments or feedback to us, when we ask you to verify your identity or if your image is captured by surveillance cameras at certain image counters of A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd.

(b) The personal data you may be requested to provide may include your name, contact phone number, email address, gender, date of birth, and correspondence address.

We will collect Personal Data on a lawful, open and fair basis.


Purpose for Collection of Personal Data

A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd. will collect and may use your Personal Data for the following purposes:

(a) The provision of any brand of A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd’s products and/or services to you at our image counters;

(b) Carrying out your instructions or responding to your enquiry;

(c) Forming part of customer data base necessary for the operations carried on by A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd.;

(d) Joint marketing scheme with other parties;

(e) General security reasons and any purposes related to and/or for the furtherance of above;

(f) Direct marketing purposes including provides latest promotion information and services for you for branches in Hong Kong and Macau under A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd.Without your consent, we shall not use your Personal Data for purposes other than those specified above.



A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd. will take all practicable steps to ensure that Personal Data collected is accurate. Please endeavor to provide A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd. with accurate Personal Data upon subscription of any image counters services under A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd. and where there are any changes to your Personal Data, please inform us as soon as possible.


Personal Data Sharing, Transfer and Disclosure

All Personal Data held by A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd. will be kept confidential but A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd. may, where sharing, transfer or disclosure is necessary to satisfy the purpose, or a directly related purpose, for which the data was collected provide such information to the following parties:

(a) Any person or company who is acting for or on behalf of A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd. in respect of the purpose or a directly related purpose for which the data was provided.

(b)Personal Data may also be disclosed to any person or persons pursuant to any

statute or as required by any court of law in Hong Kong, provided such person or persons are able to prove the required right/authority to access such information.


Access and Correction

You may check whether we hold any of your Personal Data and, if so, may request


(a)access and corrections by sending an email to info@a80paris.com (Customer Services Department) ;


(b)We will take reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting access or permitting corrections to your Personal Data. We will endeavor to respond within 30 days of your request in compliance with the Ordinance. A reasonable fee may be charged to cover our administrative costs.



We strive to ensure that your Personal Data will be protected against unauthorized or accidental access, processing, erasure. We maintain this commitment to data security by implementing appropriate physical, electronic and managerial measures to safeguard and secure your Personal Data.


Retention of Personal Data

Your Personal Data will only be retained for as long as is necessary to fulfill the original or directly related purpose for which it was collected, unless contrary to any applicable laws.


Amendment to this Statement

We may amend this Statement from time to time.  If we make any substantial amendments in the way we use your Personal Data, we will obtain your prior consent through the A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd. through email, phone or electronic application.

In future, if you do not wish to continue receiving our newsletters, marketing and promotional materials for direct marketing purposes, please either send an email to info@a80paris.com (Customer Services Department).

If there are any inconsistencies between the English version and the Chinese version of this Privacy Policy Statement, the English version shall prevail.


Note: By signing in the membership form, you agree to comply with the Statement set out above.


A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd.、其附屬公司、聯營公司及關聯公司(「本公司」)根據香港特別行政區《個人資料(私隱)條例-第486章(「條例」)制訂此公司政策。本公司遵守條例的責任及要求,處理所收集的客戶/會員個人資料,政策細則如下:



  • 為進行A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd.的業務,當您登記成為VIP會員、於A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd.購買產品或享用我們的服務、換領禮品(如有)、向我們提供任何意見或反饋、與我們核實您的身份時,您可能被要求提供您的個人資料。您到訪若干A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd.旗下形象專櫃時,您的影像可能會被記錄。
  • 個人資料將依公開、公平及合法的基準收集, 資料可包括閣下的姓名、聯絡電話號碼、生日日期、電郵地址、性別及通訊地址等。


A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd.將就以下目的收集並且可能使用您的個人資料﹕

  • 於A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd.旗下形象專櫃內向您提供產品或服務;
  • 回覆閣下之查詢及跟進閣下的指示;
  • 建立客戶資料庫以經營及拓展A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd.業務所需;
  • 與其他合作夥伴進行聯合推銷計劃;
  • 一般保安原因及與上述任何目的有關及/或為其貫徹之任何目的;
  • 供香港及澳門A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd.之附屬公司、聯營公司進行直銷, 服務及推廣之活動。



A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd.將採取一切可行措施,以確保所收集的個人資料準確。當閣下享用A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd.附屬及聯營公司所屬形象專櫃之服務時,請盡力向店員提供準確的個人資料。如您的個人資料有任何變更,請盡快通知我們。



A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd.持有的所有個人資料將予保密,但為滿足收集資料的原有目的或直接相關目的,A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd.可能向以下人士提供該等資料﹕

  • 就提供資料的原有目的或直接相關目的而代表A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd.行事的任何人士或公司。
  • 個人資料亦可根據任何法規或香港任何法庭的要求向任何人士披露,惟有關人士須能夠證明其擁有查閱相關資料的權利/授權。
  • 就提供資料的原有目的或直接相關目的而代表A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd.行事的任何人士或公司。



  • 查閱及更正方法為傳送電郵至info@a80paris.com。
  • 批准查閱或更正您的個人資料前,我們可能採取合理步驟核實您的身分。我們將遵守私隱條例的規定,盡力於30日內回覆。可能須收取合理費用,以彌補相關之行政費用。








我們可能不時修訂本聲明。如我們就使用您的個人資料的方式作出重大修訂,我們將透過電郵或致電事先取得您的同意­。­­如我們作出輕微修訂, 我們將於A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd.網站張貼顯眼公告,以通知閣下。閣下同意該等張貼公告將構成向閣下作出充分及足夠修定通知以及閣下將受經修定聲明約束的協議。


如閣下不欲繼續收取A80 Anoufa Paris HK Ltd.進行直銷的通訊、市場營銷和推廣宣傳資訊,您可以傳送電郵至info@a80paris.com通知我們。